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Congrats 2019 Commit Aamer Muhammad

Congrats 2019 Commit Jalen Munn

Congrats 2019 Commit Jalen Munn

16 U 2018 Salsa Slam Champions

17 U 2018 Salsa Slam Champions

2018 Jammin' 4 Jerseys Champions

2018 High Altitude Champions

16 U 2018 Main Event Champions

2018 Adidas Gauntlet Champions

New Mexico D1 Nation Sets Prep Hoops Circuit on Fire

D1 Nation New Mexico has been making waves this year. Our 17U team has been getting College Offers every tournament. 15U has been just as impressive getting ranked as one of the top 15U teams in the nation on the Prep Hoops Circuit. 

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D1 Nation's New Mexico Top 10 Rankings


Seniors class of 2019 Juniors class of 2020


1. Aamer Muhammad


1. Ricky Lujan

2. Jalen Munn 2. Jude Tapia
3. David Patterson 3. Elijah Davidson
4. Zanen Zeller 4. Eloy Medina
5. Tyler Quintana 5. Josiah Ramos
6. Kameron Valencia 6. Owen Olney
7. Marcus Scott 7. Jacob Mattox
8. Jalontae Gray 8. Rayshad Brown
9. Ben Manzano 9. Dion Battle
10. AJ Garcia 10. Kolton Riggs


Sophomores Class of 2021 Freshman Class of 2022
1. Fedonta White 1 Jakwon Hill
2. Tre Watson 2. Sean Johnson
3. Nate Hasberry 3. Kaden Valdez
4. Derrick Chavez 4. Nathan Randall
5. Jeff Davidson 5. Mateo Hernandez
6. Cody Garcia 6. Elias Hernandez
7. Ronald Hodnett 7. Elijah Sims
8. Kasen Sparks 8. Deuce Benjamin
9. Lucas Lovato 9.  Tai Taiaroa
10. Evan Gonzales 10. Jaden Malone


Adidas 6th Grade Jr. Gauntlet National Champions

In the very first year of having a youth program we brought home a National Champion with our 6th Grade Adidas Jr. Gauntlet Championship. This amazingly talented group have paved the way for the program and enabled us to currently have 5 youth teams (4th-8th grade) in addition to our 4 high school teams. The sky is the limit for these young men if they continue to work and develop and we look forward to what trophies 2019 brings!!

New Mexico D1 Ambassadors

New Mexico D1 Ambassadors is New Mexico’s premier AAU basketball organization. We are a non-profit youth basketball organization dedicated to teaching basketball fundamentals and life skills through good sportsmanship, leadership, positive coaching, and Christian principles. It is our goal to prepare children for the overall growth and development of young men who aspire to earn college scholarships through competitive basketball. 

We provide our student athletes the tools necessary to reach academic success and give back to the community.

D1 Nation NM is dedicated to provide the best opportunities to develop and showcase the skills of these student athletes and prepare them for college level competition. Our boys are led by the philosophy that “Hard Work Always Pays Off”


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AmbassadorsD1NM NM D1 AMBASSADORS AmbassadorsD1NM
Malik  Waters

Malik Waters

Club President/P2P Director

Phone: 505-379-8180